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"I'm all for scientifiy progress, but whilst one lot of theoretical scientists piss on the idea of black hole creation another lot point out the very high risks of this level of experimentation."

There's one lot of medical doctors who piss on the idea of vaccines being generally harmful and another lot (e.g., Dr. Tenpenny) who point out that vaccines cause autism.

There's one lot of people who piss on the idea of magic being real, and another lot (e.g., Jack Chick) who point out that Harry Potter is a gateway to satanic magic.

There's one lot of astronauts, sailors, and educated people who piss on the idea of the world being flat, and another lot who point out that all their observations, knowledge of gravity, and orbital flights are wrong.

That one group has a belief about a situation doesn't mean it is a fact, or that you should give credence to them simply because they exist.

Rather, check what facts both sides are saying. For example, one group says the LHC will produce black holes; the other group says that's unlikely and, even if it did happen, the handful of protons that formed the black hole will have too little mass to bother anyone. To drop a non-obligatory Buffy reference, insert "black hole" whenever you hear "fear demon":

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