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"Try dealing with lots of older and infirm PC users - they don't have 30inch screens - they have normal sized ones. They actually like tiles and like the PC being a helpful thing. and there are far more of them than there are IT geeks like us.... MS has to look at more than just us when they design their OS."

Except that elderly PC users don't upgrade, ever, because they don't see it as worth the bother of learning new stuff. My grandma died a couple years ago and was still using a computer running Windows 3.1. So I don't see this as a market for Windows 10.

I do agree that pretty much anyone who reads El Reg is not the primary target market for Windows, though. That would be the average new PC buyer who is still unclear on the distinction between "memory" and "hard disk," and who is increasingly gravitating toward tablets because they seem simpler.

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