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And there's built-in ADWARE and SPYWARE

Don't forget the Joe Belfiore keynote speech (between 2 and 3 minutes into it) back at the Build conference early this year, where he ANNOUNCED that the new 'Start Thing' (as the article puts it) will have a SPECIAL place in it where Microsoft will put 'recommendations' for 'Store Apps(sic)' [aka ADWARE], and in OTHER parts of the operating system as well [example, install a 3rd party application, double-click a file, and you get a notification of "There are apps(sic) in the store that can open that kind of file." Microsoft WILL collect data on you on how you use your computer (announced by Joe Belfiore), send that data to "the Store", and then TARGET YOU with ADVERTISEMENTS via THE OPERATING SYSTEM.

Didn't Lenovo have some problems recently regarding Superfish being BUNDLED on their computers? Is THIS the kind of "Spy on YOU" operating system that people WANT? Will CORPORATIONS even CONSIDER adopting an operating system that DOES THIS?

THESE are SERIOUS security and privacy issues, and you have to GIVE MICROSOFT PERMISSION to track and ad-spam you when you sign up for the 'Microsoft Account' that they STRONG-ARM you into getting when you install Windows 10 (nevermind that the 'e-mail address login' potentially breaks the SMB method of logging in, share access, and so forth) Oh, sure, you don't HAVE to have a 'Microsoft Account', and set up a local user account (like earlier windows versions) and then things like Cortana break.

This is a BAD direction and a preclusion to FAIL for Microsoft and their BAD OS design.

And WHY DID THEY have to CHANGE what 7 and XP did right? It makes NO sense at all!

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