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Sorry but I think this review is RUBBISH

As a Windows 7 user who has been using the Windows 10 preview in it's various builds since January, I have found it to be a really huge improvement over Windows 7, sure there are some minor bugs but this is STILL A BETA, I am writing this using Firefox on Windows 10. Windows 10 is way faster than win 7, I am using it on a Lenovo E520 Laptop which I hardly ever used because it was so damn slow under Win 7, but it flies under Win 10! It is stable, I have had NIL crashes it runs all my win32 apps better than under Win7. I have tried a lot of the Apps and some of them are fun but my main concern is getting work done and for that I use Win32 programs - Firefox, Thunderbird, Office 2007, VLC, Picassa. Libre Office. Irfanview, Tapinradio etc. All run well. It is suc a drag having to go back to my Desktop PC running Win 7. Roll on the 29th when I can update to the release version of Win 10

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