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Flat! Windows! Soon no Explorer anymore!

Has anyone tried to move the start menu to the upper-right corner?

What happens with the search bar then?

I don't understand this fashion of "flat design" and "simplification".

Has everyone on Earth suddenly turned into a retard?

It looks like people these days can't program or design anymore.

In Windows XP one could customize many aspects of the interface.

In Windows 8.1, you can't change the title bar text color from black so you can't change the border color to something dark.

Vista had many themes included and a colaboration feature.

They disappeared from since then.

Included media features and games come and go.

It is like Microsoft is subcontracting

each version of the OS from different companies.

It's something I noticed in Android Samsung phones.

Each model and software version seems to be developed by someone else.

About the anti "skeuomorphism" movement or what is called:

Everywhere we look around us, we see the world in 3d.

The O.S. is called Windows.

When I look outside trough a window, I don't see flat design.

I wonder when holographic displays become common, how flat design would work.

Everything now looks like sketches made by 3 years old kids.

What is with this wasted space around menu items?

The mouse was invented on purpose.

The keyboard also. Has anyone tested the new interfaces with keyboard only?

About tiles: we already had the desktop for grouping shortcuts in folders as many levels deep as we pleased. Why would we need a duplicate 2 level one?

I've noticed on android on samsung phones the trend to limit the screen like it is paper.

They limit the number of items on screen to a maximum as if scrolling was not invented.

If I can't scroll, I will limit myself, but don't force me.

The screen is not paper. If it was, it could never display movies or animations.

Microsoft sent me a survey form because I've registered

for insider program. All they are interested in is what kind of entertainment I prefer when using my computer. As if a computer is only made for entertainment, or document editing.

Microsoft: a computer is a general purpose device. It can do any data processing.

Stop monkeying and make an O.S.

I don't need cortana or permanent connection to Internet!

I don't want to not be able to use my computer if you go belly up.

I don't want this cloud thing 24h 7 day/week every week of the year.

I don't want you to know where I am, when I turn my computer on and off, etc.

Qnx made a demo floppy some years ago with a full O.S. with a GUI on a P.C.

It can be done and you know it. Phone these days are more powerfull than pc in 2000.

You can connect one with keyboard, mouse and monitor.

There is only a matter of time until they will replace you.

You are becoming obsolete in the entertainment.

Stop monkeying and make an O.S.

I do not want everything sorted alphabetically.

I can see the first letter of every word.

If you think flat is the answer, why do you have folders on disks.

Why do you have windows explorer?

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