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This has nothing to do with bling.

Sorry, I like to see the Icons for all my programs in plain sight, and I like to use "ONE simple click of the mouse" to start or stop a program. Clicking through 7 levels of menus wastes time.

Likewise, I like to arrange my icons in groups, and Win 8 or Win10 does not let me do that.

Furthermore, I like to be able to have several Windows open, and I wish to be able to move, size, resize, remake, remodel, minimize, maximize and exit AS I SEE FIT, not as some ignoramus at MS thinks it ought to be. Win 8 and Win 8.1 didn't let me.

I like to see what's open and running, minimized. Can't do that in Win 8 or Win 10.

I like to use tabbed browsing. Does Edge even offer that?

Can I even have more than 2 or 4 Windows open in Win 10? Probably not, and that's not enough.

How many times has Microsoft replaced a function that required ONE CLICK before, with SOMETHING THAT REQUIRES 3, 4, 5 CLICKS + may be type a search dealy-bob. That is

not and never will be progress. It's moving backwards, backwards, backwards. Microsoft is like

a car company that moves the steering wheel in the backseat (for a FRESHER CLEANER LOOK), and

while they are at it, they move the petrol (gas tank) indicator back to where the fuel cap is, because that's the way it was done in 1910. That's Microsoft reasoning and engineering in a nut shell.

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