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We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror

Alexander Rogge

How about just making an operating system that executes applications and stays out of the way? This is how Windows used to be, and now I'm seeing Windows and MacOS both falling into this trap of catering to entertainment-happy consumers instead of keeping things simple. If you want to add stuff for entertainment, you can add it yourself, the way we used to do with third-party applications. One problem I've had recently is related to animated windows that attempt to redraw themselves many times when being minimized and maximized. This adds nothing to productivity, and when the system resources aren't available to handle the unnecessary graphics cost, the entire windowing system freezes. Programmers are increasingly assuming that everyone is willing to commit huge amounts of system resources on useless "features" because they have nothing else to do with the hardware that they bought, and the result is an increasing amount of conflicts, freezes, and unnecessary consumption of system resources.

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