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Yes, indeed - thank you Andrew.

But can you explain why everything is blue?

I mean, it was bad enough when they changed Outlook from yellow to blue so users click on it instead of Word half the time but who knows what they'll open and frustratingly have to keep closing.

Isn't that the whole purpose of those bright - SIMPLE - tiles? To make is easy to locate what you want? I hope you can actually change the background colours now. Given the simplicity of most of the icons, there's no technical reason why that shouldn't be possible.

Something that REALLY bugs me in Windows 8.1/2012 R2 is how you can only choose between "small" and "medium" when resizing the tiles. Why? Why can't I have Word as a "wide" tile or a "large" tile? It seems a small thing to be worked up about but the annoyance comes from the fact that the 'live' tiles can be resized as you wish. The take-away - use our new-fangled 'apps', not those antiquated program things.

Or is that just me?

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