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Have to say...

From what I've seen of the Windows 10 builds my opinion hasn't really changed from the initial one.

It still looks like the bastard child of Vista and 8.1.

I'm not saying it's not an improvement on the last OS, obviously there are things that look and feel


Unfortunately for Microsoft an OS has to do more than just look good, it pretty much has to work straight out of the box for the ordinary guy* in the street.

If he can't play his games/music watch his movies check out the family photo collection he's

sending to Aunty Rose in Australia, surf, chat, tweet, waffle, troll or outherwise interact with the rest

of his tribe the first thing he's going to say when anyone asks what the new OS is like is,

"It's crap, I'm wiping it and going back to Windows 7".

It doesn't matter what the IT press finally descide after Win 10's launch.

It doesn't even matter if Win 10 turns out to be God's gift 6 months down the road.

If enough of Joe public thinks it "crap" on or just after release it'll nose dive the same as Vista.

Free** doesn't always mean good after all.

*Generic term (He/She/We/Whatever)

*Terms and Conditions apply.

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