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We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror

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We get touch even if the kit is not touch capable

We get tiles even if we don't want them in a gazillion years

We get Cortana when many of us will say 'Cortana go nuke yourself'.

We get MS trying to be of so helpful everywhere and ending up getting in your way

All I want (for Christmas) is an OS that just does not get in the way of me, you know doing stuff...

If this goal so extreme that no one in Planet Microsoft can see that is a what a lot of users might want.

So just give us El Reg readers an Ultra geek mode with the W7 desktop (or even Windows Classic), no tiles, no full screen apps (I have a 30in Monitor not a 5in phone).

But will they listen?

If The version previewed is anything to go by, then nope, not a chance in hell.

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