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The principle beneficiaries of this scheme will be the Meter Asset Providers


This is also because the data-to-every-houselhold infrastructure established at the cost of 17 f*** billion pounds will _NOT_ be used for anything else but SM. This is the criminal waste here, not anything else.

It is not a question of G4S making money. Question is in not losing money. G4S and friends have created a very interesting and highly distorted market for all security related services in the UK. UK is the only country in Europe (if not the world) where you are dependent on copper to have a monitored service in a household - alarm, panic button, emergency call out button, curfew enforcement for suspects under court orders, anything. Everywhere else this is mobile and in some places data over power (same tech as used for smart metering in some places). The latter is unavailable in the UK and the former requires selling a firstborn to cover the bill.

Why is G4S so insistent on a tie between their service and bare (no data) copper - no clue. It is a fact. If there is an alternative data path provider their market position will get very interesting.

If that service is available to everyone on a wholesale basis - doubly so.

And as far as the usual suspect "secure" copper provider a large range of its services will be dead. Overnight.

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