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Err... surely a mistake

The costs which have unexpectedly just risen again are actually much more certain and tangible and will have to be met first.

Sure it should be expectedly. As everyone who did the technical analysis and architecture for real 7 years ago I am going to repeat:

There is only _ONE_ _WAY_ this is going to work - 100% provision of a data channel to a household. That is what SM needs an no mobile network will deliver that. Not now, not ever. Even if it does, it is not fit for purpose as it is unicast per household - no means of emergency broadcasts, etc.

Further to this, the data channel is how you can build a valid business case. A guaranteed 99.995% available data channel to the house (regardless of technology) is a valuable commodity even for very low rates - it will effectively turn the alarm and home security industry on its head overnight.

However, what the mandarins did here was to ensure that not a single old school buddy from the revolving door entities (energy retail, telecoms companies, G4S and security franchises, etc) will lose out of the deal. Only the taxpayer, but who cares about us commoners...

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