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Did a SUPER RARE Sony-Nintendo PlayStation prototype just pop up online? Possibly, maybe

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About the irregular yellowing, that actually made it look more plausable to me

I have loads of old super famicom games, and they do seem to yellow in odd ways, many of them have a perfect front, but the back half of the case is really yellow, with no visible gradient between the two (I often swap the yellow backs with non yellow ones of dirt cheap games), I can't believe people are leaving them face down in direct sunlight, so I can only assume there is some slight difference in the chemicals in the plastic that makes up the two halves.

The lack of a space in the logo is fishy, also, I'm surprised there is so little nintendo branding on the thing, I would have expected both logos on the device.

[Edit] Just looked at the old pic in one of the links, there's no space in the title of that one either, and no apparent nintendo logos, so its starting to look pretty legit to me.

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