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German army fights underground Nazi war machine hidden in Kiel pensioner's cellar


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This sort of like the guilt and now outrage in the USA about the Confederate Battle Flag* being flown..

There's a big difference. The Confederate battle flag had all but vanished from sight until the Civil Rights movements of the 1960s, trying to desegregate schools in the South. That's when the battle flags re-emerged, coincident with brutal violence against civil-rights activists, especially blacks. Surely it was the intent of those who raised the battle flag over government buildings across the South to symbolically declare their belief in White Supremacy. The Civil War was fought over slavery. Anyone who tries to mush-mouth it into a fight for "states rights" is a GD liar or a fool. And the Confederate flag was the symbol of those who fought to continue enslaving black people. Your German collector isn't flying a Nazi flag, is he?

Regardless of what many white Southerners say -- and some of the less-enlightened ones may believe it -- the Confederate battle flag has become inextricably tied to racism, White Supremacy and violence against blacks. That's the "legacy" and "heritage" of the Confederacy. It's become a symbol far more powerful than a Panther tank, and it's past time for it to go back in the cellar.

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