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Yup... Sky Go does indeed still use silverlight, and still has repeated problems using it... and they wanted to charge me an extra £5 a month to be able to use it on more than 2 devices. I told the customer service rep quite bluntly... why would I pay for something that doesn't work properly... or does paying the money suddenly fix it?

She couldn't answer that.

This is one of the reasons I dropped Sky TV just over a year ago... I still have broadband and phone, but the TV service was a joke considering the cost.

Instead I use the spare device for Sky Go from my folks (I only use it for the F1, as I haven't watched broadcast TV for years and Freeview HD is sufficient).... tempted to add multi room to them and get it all back for a quarter of the cost... after all, I would never plug in a sky box to the phone or broadband.

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