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German army fights underground Nazi war machine hidden in Kiel pensioner's cellar


Actually the german Panzermuseum at Munster has a working example of that type (SdKfz 171 "Panther") and model (A G from the maschine gun) that is occasionally even shown on the move. Panther 801 "Ulrike" is actually a post WWII build jokingly labeled a "Auf. G zu spät" build by MIAG under british orders.

IIRC the French in Saumur also have a working G. The Littlefield Collection in the US had a working Panther as well, not sure of the Version, IIRC an A (that is the SECOND version, the first version was the D)

Panthers are resonably common in museeums due to the fact that the french army used them well into the 1950s and so quite a few survivors are in museeums. The number of working ones is lower due to the tempramental final drives but there are some as well.

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