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Denon delivers low-cost DTS:X AV kit. Finally Dolby Atmos gets some competition


ATMOS, more is not always better.

I witnessed a fully-outfitted Atmos system at Bjorn's in San Antonio, playing the movie Gravity. Between the ultra-wide screen and the 4 extra ceiling speakers, my senses were over-whelmed to the point of having to close my eyes and cover my ears. It wasn't that the sound was too loud. It was my brain unaccustomed to the visual/aural emersion simultaneously. it reminded me of the first time I went to an IMAX movie, except now it fits into your living room.

To run a proper ATMOS system, I must add 4 extra amplifiers on top of the already 7 surround, plus 2 subs. And to have the projection system 4K capable, plus adding the motorized Stewart Filmworks-adaptive-Uniform-Gain system, I'd have to upgrade the electrical service in my house. And let's not forget wireless control. Only thing left is some Magic Finger couches and Magic Mouth groin adapters.

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