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> But for all we know Northern Irish water hasn't improved much because it had little need to.

I live in NI, and my answer to that contention is "Hahahahahahahahahaha."

Anyway, what's this "for all we know"? You've got the Internet right here. Look it up. I suggest checking two things. First, the amount of untreated sewage being pumped into the sea by NI. Second, the amount of trouble caused by a bit of cold weather a few years back -- and how long it took NI Water to reduce that amount of trouble. You might even be able to find some interviews with the guy in charge at the time and draw some conclusions about whether he got the job through ability or it was the kind of nepotistic sinecure that thrives in government.

If you can't be arsed looking it up, fair enough; just remember that, as a general rule, infrastructure in NI that dates back to the Troubles was not in very good nick because people kept blowing it up. Obviously. The public spending that went into the Province tended to go more on barbed wire and less on things like improving sewage works.

For the same reason, our stuff didn't get privatised, because who in their right minds would buy stuff that keeps getting blown up? Which provides us with a handy experiment. All those people complaining about rail privatisation could look at NI Rail and see how brilliantly it compares to the English rail services [cough cough cough].

> While the English water may have massively improved itself from bloody awful to just mediocre.

Look up the incidences of hosepipe bans in London.

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