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I must, regarding 'tut, tut' and 'tsk tsk', the latter being almost unpronoucable, I have seen British films where people throw a schwa or i or oo between the t and the s, but the only reason they entered your language as words was as onomatopoeia.

The original people using 'tsk' and 'tut' in writing were only trying to express the sound of tongue pressed against palate then pulled away.

They only became words through readers assuming that they were, and perhaps, finding them less impolite than the true monkey-signal sound they originate from, which remains common currency, at least in Japanese, Chinese, Malay/Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, English, other European languages, and I have no doubts, many others.

In Chinese, Putonghua and Fujien, I would guessing all dialects, it has also become an onomatopoeic word, mainly for expressing impatience.

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