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CD v HRA and "Full HD" v 4K

Full disclosure - I love listening to, and discovering, music. I have a moderately good vinyl hi-fi system plus I also own a Pono player and all my digital audio files are in uncompressed, lossless AIFF.

My take on this is simple... if you can hear the difference and are happy to pay for it then go ahead and enjoy.

A simple test... can you hear the difference between a FM / DAB radio broadcast and a CD? More interesting, what about a CD and a vinyl record? If you think vinyl sounds better then you will likely hear and enjoy the difference with HRA. If not, don't worry... it's subtle.

On a similar note, can you see the difference between DVD (480P) and "Full HD" (1080P)? What about "Full HD" and 4K? Personally I cannot... so I will continue to enjoy 1080P and will use the money I save to buy snake oil for my vinyl music and unidirectional USB cables for my digital audio ;-)

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