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"the mouse-unfriendly start screen" is another example of narrow thinking. It works very well in tablet mode, but not at all in desktop mode. A clever OS would offer one or the other depending on device and user settings. But MS first decided to force it upon everybody, then went back, and Windows 10 may then force a desktop UI on tablet users, that didn't work for tablet PCs... is so difficult to look from different perspective from Redmond? They are not a small company without resources to deliver an OS that could adapt to user needs and preferences.

Flat monochromatic UI are another example of blindly following a fashion without listening to users - some of them spending a lot of time in front of a PC performing complex tasks, and needing all those visual clues making their work a little easier.

I'm not agains ribbons, but they would have worked better as augmented toolbars, not full menu replacements.

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