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Microsoft's new mission statement: It's all about doing MAGICAL THINGS


I think you may be the troll:-

Windows apps run very well on Linux with wine and in most instances, there is a Linux version. Companies love the reliability of Linux and your erroneous comment about the kernel breaking things with every release is pure fantasy.

Oh yes, and software for one Linux will run on another easily so it is backwards and forwards compatible and can with a little modification which is possible due to the open source nature of the software, be made to run on Solaris, Unix and even Windows.

So why not just run an old version of Windows in " Billions of production lines, control instruments, diagnostic instruments, even basic warehouse handhelds rely on it absolutely"? Oh yes because old Windows is insecure! But if those companies are to survive, they do have a choice to use Linux instead!

So your argument really boils down to what Microsoft did in the past - nothing about the future so you have once again failed to answer the question!

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