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@TheOtherHobbs - And I know from experience that the difference between a 24-bit master and a downsampled 16-bit master is absolutely and reliably audible.

There are only two ways for this to be the case:

- You are a bat.

- You're not doing it properly double blind.

OK, that's not fair - there is a third way - the 16bit master was mucked around with too much - adding dither noise at each step - that's why we record (ok, also to allow us to be cautious with gain settings) and master at 24bit.

Once mastered there is no reason not to down-sample to 16bit/44k, and every reason *to* do so.

To make it double blind you really need to make sure that your audio signals are at the same level to a ridiculous accuracy - because as salespeople know "louder is better". No really - even stupidly low differences (like 0.2dB, which is not consciously audible btw) show a distinct preference for the louder source.

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