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Road trip

Many years ago when this internet thingo was all new fangled, I was involved in a company move from Melbourne to Brisbane. You can get the map out if you really want to know but its a bloody long way.

The plan: new servers are installed in Brisbane office, techs (us) in Melbourne dump a backup on Friday night and upload it to new servers and we'll all be golden for Monday morning. Now, I had some doubts about our pokey little ISDNs being able to handle that data in the allotted time, but they became moot when Telstra shut off the phones at lunch time on Friday.


By the time we found out it was too late to dump to tape and get it on a flight.

Double fuck.

No option then: down the old servers, pack them in the back of a car and drive to Brisbane. Two of us, two IBM AS400s and a drive pack in the back of a 1972 Chrysler station wagon thundering up the Hume in the dead of night in a desperate race to Brisvegas...

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