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"I have driven from Pretoria to Cape Town in 11.5 hours in the 80s."

What is the actual road distance? My original 1200 miles quote seems on the high side - even allowing for the road not being a dead straight run - although the very long Karoo stretch probably is.

Pretoria to Jo'burg was a boring straight-line motorway that merely undulated as it climbed 1500 feet. Their motorway designers had apparently not learned that you need curves to help keep people awake. I remember one night clearing a crest to find an enormous pan-African truck doing a U-turn across all four lanes of the motorway. Sideways on it wasn't showing any lights - there was just a hint in the starlight that there was something there.

I remember the flights between Jo'burg and Bloemfontein being a strange sensation of a straight line in a generally empty air space. The jet took off, climbed to cruising altitude and then shortly afterwards started its descent, and landed. All without apparently having to deviate from the straight line.

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