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Taylor Swift boycotts Apple Music over no-pay-for-plays shocker



My counter-proposal: if you don't like this music (or think it doesn't even qualify) then just don't listen to it.

I don't like a single piece of music that I have heard from this artist. This is hardly surprising because I am a male in my mid-thirties and not, as is the case for much of her audience, a girl in my teens. But why this should disqualify it from being considered good music or music at all, is beyond me.

And this is utterly irrelevant anyway.

Apple are profiting from other peoples' work and not compensating them for that. For a company that takes a cut of everything and so tightly controls sales and prices of their kit, it is very much a greedy, arrogant move.

A free trial could actually work well for artists like Taylor Swift but for those that are new and not well-off, it is just plain mean.

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