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>>If I did a straw poll of nominations for a 'historically progressive and generous company', how many of you would have volunteered 'Apple'?

1. They arguably saved the entire music industry with the iPod/iTunes in the early 2000s, at least from the rampant online piracy that was ruining musicians and labels

2. They provide an effective and popular method for *anybody* to distribute and profit from their own music, esp. small musicians (don't require labels for distribution)

3. Apple only takes 30% of music/media sales and the rest go to the artist/label. This is an unprecedentedly low cut for music distribution.

4. Apple does a significant amount of free marketing for a lot of music via iTunes, for both big and small artists

Apple isn't perfect but it's important to be able to recognize the good things they've done and not just be angry at them and assume that everything they do is greedy and evil and bad.

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