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About 40 years ago, I worked for a bank as an applications programmer. One of the systems for which I was responsible was the US Savings Bond program we ran for some external payroll customers (we were also sort of a service bureau for some of our bank customers in those days).

There was a definite cutoff time for these external payrolls, with checks (and bonds) that must be delivered to these bank customers in time for Friday paydays. And the armored car was late in delivering the blank savings bonds to the data center (they were stored in the Trust Dept vault in town).

So my boss sent me into the city in a marked bank car to fetch them! I walked into the bank HQ building and signed for about $500K worth of blank savings bonds in white bags. And carried them two blocks to the parking garage. No guards, no guns... Off to the data center. We made the deadline. Barely.

I don't think that I would do that today!

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