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Farewell then, Mr Elop: It wasn't actually your fault


Sorry Dave, but I'm afraid you won't like the answer.

There is a history of failures and some of us are old enough to know what they look like. I ask that you do a bit of research on something called AMIGA. (I'll try to be brief)

back in the mid 80s, when a typical personal computer was an 8bit AppleII or Commodore 64, maybe the slightly more powerful Atari 800... The original Mac was a year on the market at about $3000, the 8bit company known as Commodore bought, developed and released the Amiga 1000. This computer was a 16/32 bit system for $1200 (256k / 880k floppy drive - 640x480 / 16 out of 4096 colors) - it was state of the Art in 1985. Mac was already more advanced than MS-DOS, the Amiga - had color, higher resolution, stereo sound and multi-tasking. Something MS wouldn't have until Windows 95 and Apple with OS-X in 2000. The games on the Amiga were top notch. It was cheaper than typical PC clones. Over the course of 5 years, the company moved slowly to update the Amiga platform.

Even Windows 3.0/3.1 was a joke compared to AmigaOS 2.0. A 7Mhz 68000 Amiga with 1mb of RAM could out-perform the more expensive 25mhz 386 w/4mb. (In those days, you paid about $200 per MB). I paid $125 per floppy drive. The original 2MB ram expander for my A1000 was about $1000 new (I got it used). Hell, I used to run a Mac emulator (software), that allowed me to run pretty much 99.9% Mac software (there was nothing that failed for me). I even had the more advanced Amiga 3000 as my last model. But by 1992, some of us saw the writing on the wall.

The company never matured from a 70's~80s computer company to a 90s+ computer company. Hell, they were STILL making 8bit Commodore 64s for some markets! The Amiga line at 1992 still included the 1987 Amiga 500, actually in production... with an out-dated OS. Really, you could walk into an Amiga PC shop, look at the various models that came with OS version 1.3 / 2.0 / 2.1 / 3.0. I even ran 3.0 on my 1985 Amiga 500, it was that good of a hardware design.

Macs were not as expensive ($1500, rather than $5000+), the PCs were selling by the millions... SVGA was standard, of course the $100 Soundblaster card was still a joke compared to Amiga.

Games were growing on the PC side. Doom came out, which was beyond the abilities of the latest Amigas... Commodore went bankrupt... took almost 2 years to find a buyer, as they TRIED to get the best deal - their technology was rapidly becoming "old" and was losing value why they haggled. A German/Euro store bought the company - then failed. Then another company... then Gateway 2000 (yep, Gateway USED to own Commodore/Amiga for a year or so) - then was owned by a cable company... on and on.

I think Amiga hit about 3~4 million at its peak... maybe 10, I don't know. But I went to PC with Windows95 (which was crap compared to AmigaOS... but it kind of worked. Windows XP finally surpassed AmigaOS in most ways) and my Amigas started collecting dust, but they still work.

I watched as Amiga Fans waited, worked, spent money keeping the tech alive... making THEIR own technology, dealing with legal issues of the trademark that really has no value, anymore. I told a group - their best best was to make a Linux fork, with a heavy Amiga inspired UI. (AmigaOS is based off of Unix, but easier to use) and to go with cheap standard PC hardware. But they re-engineered their stuff with Motorola PPC CPUs (same used in Mac computers back then) - because to go Intel or even AMD is like sleeping with the enemy.

How stupid is that? Rather than using low-cost motherboards (off shelf) with $100~400 CPUS, they went with custom motherboards with modified PSU to use more expensive PPC CPUs. By mid 2000s, I think the G4 was the last PPC... before Apple went **gasp** intel. Oh, a customized ATI card for non-standard Amiga "modern" hardware in 2006 was about $300, yet its GPU was classed for the PC side as a $75 card. UGH?!

The Amiga fans were in trouble of course... PPC CPUs dried up... but have no fear, they make the AmigaOne or some wack thing, that uses a CUSTOM CPU (HST? I'm not going to look it up) - anyway, its a PPC CPU lic. design chip which is made for military / spacecraft uses... cheap? no. But its PPC compatible! Apple buys out that company (not to hurt the tiny Amiga community, but for its IP for various reasons).

Amiga really died when Commodore went bankrupt, its doors closed at its corp office with no buyers to quickly buy out the IP, talent and products. Their talented employees burning effigy of their ex-boss/CEOs. outside as they close shop and look for new work. Thats around 1993~1994... and its been a rotting zombie since then.

I love my Amigas... they were AMAZING technology, at the time. Since then, I don't care if its AMD, intel, Nvidia, MC, Samsung or even Apple. If it does what I need for the price I can afford, I buy with no loyalty to that company. I *DO* like Windows7, only MS OS I care about. I love my ThinkPads because of their quality... thats about it.

WindowsMobile/Metro 7~8 was supposed to work... and I think WP8 would have been a success if Windows8 Desktop wasn't such a complete failure (along with Office 2013 / xboxOne debacles). As an app developer now, I only look at Android and iOS. Blackberry - nope, its a zombie... WP? unless something changes - doubtful. But more likely than Blackberry. Firefox? Why? Enough things to do, dealing with Android and iOS.

Your phone, that you love so much... is a zombie. So, go out, play with handsets and find something that you REALLY like. I very much like the Motorola X (even the G) phones... they fit well in the hand, the feel good, the UI is minimal changes from default Android. Its clock/alarm UI easily blows away EVERYONE. Apple, samsung - them too. Its camera is avg at best, thou. Needs more software tweaks. LG makes nice phones. HTC makes a nice looking phone - but it has issues IMHO. Its shocking that SONY isn't able to make any market headway - considering how many phone designs they used to make! They made some of the best feature phones you could buy. Samsung finally did up their game with the S6. (the S3 / S4 / S5 look identical, other than size).

Good luck!

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