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Come on, I hardly believe what you write

I seriously cannot believe what you write. Even if Elop payed you, you wouldn't have written that I think. Elop got a company that I agree had serious competitive problems. But to make it almost obsolete (and for sure just a shell of itself) so incredibly fast, requires skill at stupidness or there is something fishy going on. I am sorry but that is how I see it.

The burning platforms memo is something that you do not share with noone else but a handful of people that you are sure that they wont leak it outside the room and certainly you dont have it written. Sending it to its employees was the stupidest idea ever no matter if he didn't intend to have it leaked (but come on, how stupid can you be not to realize that sending such a memo would result in a leak FOR SURE!! I dont believe that he is so stupid, so I can only think that this was done on purpose).

Elop's actions made sure that Nokia had no hope competing again with any of the likes of Apple, Samsung, Google etc. Companies with a small percentage of the presence of Nokia (be it sales, intellectual property, R&D, manufacturing etc etc) are still here around, managing to stay afloat, no matter if they are in red. Nokia died too fast. Too fast for a company with such resources, no matter what you say that it was a giant that moved slowly. Remember that a giant moves slowly but its steps are equally big to compensate ;)

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