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I'm surprised no-one has mentioned so far that this is the TP400 engine's second set of FADEC software. The A400M was intended and contracted to be certificated to civil standards, not just military, and for that to happen the software writing process had to be fully documented to EASA standards. The prototype A400M was getting close to initial testing when it dawned on someone that the TP400's FADEC hadn't been documented in this way, and was therefore uncertifiable. It had to be written again from scratch, following EASA procedures. That is probably the main reason the project is so far behind schedule. Yes, the A400M is 'overweight' and can't fulfil some of its initial contracted performance but this is not the show-stopper the FADEC debacle was.

It's funny Wikipedia makes no mention of this. There were plenty of reports about it in the pro aviation press at the time.

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