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"There are still people - the majority, by the way - who will tell you that Jean Charles de Menezes (RIP :( ) was

-wearing a heavy coat

-vaulted the barriers

-did not respond when challenged by armed police."

Oh noes.. they don't remember the fine details of the cover story.... THE HORROR!!!!! Why he died in vain then.

Now tell me this..

Do they remember that he was

Innocent of any wrong doing?

A case of mistaken identity?

A LEGAL immigrant?

Shot several times by trigger happy plod/intelligence agents with no ability to inform the officers of his actual identity?

You know.. the important stuff.

The fine details don't matter. If he was wearing a coat or a wedding dress and wellington boots, or if he responded to police challenges with the phrase " I have hard boiled egg up my bottom". Doesn;t matter.

Fact 1) An innocent man was shot dead.

Fact 2) Shooting him had he actually been a suicide bomber, would have potentially set off the bomb. Any fool can wire up a fail deadly switch. Hold it open, and no problem. Let it go, and boom. One NC switch. I got about 3-4 of em when I took apart an old inkjet for parts. Common everyday micro switches. Usually come with a normally closed, and normally open option in each switch.

Fact 3) The police proclaiming him a wrong un immediately after the incident lost them a lot of the little credibility they have left.

The coat does not matter.

Running does not matter.

Vaulting the barrier does not matter.

Someone claiming to have seen wires sticking out of his jacket do not matter.

Because NONE OF THESE THINGS was reason to shoot the guy.

Even not responding to a challenge from someone or other, had it happened, does not matter, because uniform are not very likely to be involved in covert tailing of a suspect are they? And the people who shot him were not the ones who were supposed to have challenged him.

So.. Brazilian electrician hurrying to work was shot dead for no reason.

This is the bit that they should remember.

Do they?

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