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Winnie from the wonder years has turned out to be a rather lovely looking lady and has the maths cred as well

Well, it's one paper she's known for, really, and co-authored with two other people. But it's a good paper on the statistical mechanics of magnetic domains and, AIUI, an important result in that area, even if it's only for the 2D case.

(There are a few pieces online that explain the theorem without going into all the gritty details, and it's worth a look if you're at all curious about what goes on in the world of statistical mechanics, which is interesting in terms of scientific epistemology. Statistical mechanics is basically a way of saying, look, we can't model all this stuff individually - it's infeasible - so let's consider the average, aggregate behavior. Then work like this proves formal consequences of those approximate models. It's a much more sophisticated view of scientific thinking than grade-school explanations of "the scientific method" and other middlebrow glosses.)

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