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Warnings are often inhibited during take-off to avoid the crew being expected to take action when they should be getting airborne and ensuring that they stay above V2, minimum safety speed. Once this is achieved they can they deal with the emergency/warnings and decide on their next course of action.

In this case the initial problem was that the 3 engines would not respond to a reduction in power demand, in the process of trying to arrest the rapid ascent/acceleration flight idle was selected and this then allowed the protection mechanism to engage and refuse to provide more power when commanded. By the time it became clear that the engines couldn't deliver more power there was not enough time to shut down and feather the 3 that were broken while having enough altitude and manoeuvre capability to reach the runway. The power lines were not likely to be easily visible from the air, once they committed to a forced landing any attempt to miss them would probably have resulted in an even heavier arrival and more structural damage.

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