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"The Dunkirk "great military achievement" should share the same "wall of shame" with the whole home fleet chasing one pocket battleship (and losing a capital ship in the process), allowing the channel run and withdrawing a whole fleet group including multiple heavy cruisers, ship of the line and an aircraft carrier and running away as fast as their engines can deliver after deciphering an Enigma order for the other pocket battleship to attack the PQ17."

BISMARCK was most definitely not a 'pocket battleship'. It was the largest and most powerful superdreadnought battleship afloat at the time, superior to all Royal Navy dreadnoughts ever built and to every American dreadnought prior to the WASHINGTONs and to the Japanese dreadnoughts prior to the YAMATOs. However, in the words of Joe Stalin, quantity has a quality all its own, so BISMARCK was gang-banged after being crippled by air attack. TIRPITZ was a (slightly) improved BISMARCK and was sunk by air attack. The 'pocket battleships' were the DEUTSCHLAND/LUTZOW class panzerschiffs, which were really more like large armored cruisers. (DEUTSCHLAND, the lead ship in the class, was renamed LUTZOW to avoid the propaganda hit should it get sunk.)

As for PQ-17, if TIRPITZ had gotten loose it would have wiped out the entire escort. Yes, it was that much superior to anything available.

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