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Accidents like this are usually the result of a chain reaction of mistakes.


- The plane builder have some pressure on the delays, push the pressure down to its suppliers.

- The suppliers write as fast as possible the system specifications, which include oh so precise sentences like "The software shall be robust", and hire IT consulting subcontractors to do the dirty work (from software specification to software validation). As those subcontractors are paid by the hour, the timings are reduced again.

- As the slave-driversIT consulting firms needs to make a profit, they assign on this project 10 newbies out of school for one project manager experienced on the domain (he took a plane twice).

- Strangely, the supplier is not satisfied by the outputs from the consulting subcontractor and require more and more rework.

- As the deadline is getting closer, the review procedures are getting sloppier.

- A SW is out for testing, and due to the length of the previous phase the V&V team have half the time they would need to properly review and test the SW.

- BONUS : If the V&V team belong to the same consulting company that made the specification/design/coding part, then it is asked to be more lenient by the bosses - hey, they need to make a profit!

- The supplier, under strong pressure from the plane builder, accept this mostly-working software, quickly perform some half assed HW/SW integration tests in the best cases and send the whole package to production.

You guessed it, this message is from a disgruntled senior critical embedded SW V&V engineer...

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