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I'm impressed with the restraint of your response to "Lucki" because my first instinct, after reading so many tedious and predictable Feminazi comments, was "Just piss off and let the women deal with the women's response to each other, you go and focus on not being an arsehole".

But I've taken a breather....ommmmm....I've also had to deal with far worse shit that Hunt has said, but then these people were not on a public stage representing "Science", they were just petty men who felt threatened by women on their turf. Yes he's allowed to say whatever he wants, within the law, but the point is that the context of his comments have influence. He wasn't overheard in a pub whining about crying women (and the rare women I work with would rather swallow rusty nails than cry at work and show weakness to idiots like him), he was on a public stage, talking to women about how they cry and have emotions, dammit, and they should be cordoned off so they stop distracting men and their hormones. It's an incredibly outdated viewpoint, perhaps as can be expected from a 72 yr old man, and if he can't understand the message he sends out by saying it then he should be making grovelling apologies.

As for who judges girls and women more, women or men, I think you don't fully appreciate the cultural conditioning we all go through from a very early age. Studies with Primary school teachers have made them think about the messages they send about boys being strong and clever and girls being pretty and quiet (these messages come from both male and female teachers). It's a societal message that we all still live with and daft comments like this do nothing to help either gender. There are campaigns to increase the number of men back into Primary school teaching and midwifery, and other areas where women dominate as well as the increase women in STEM roles campaigns. It is better for all of us that anyone should be allowed to do what they are good at, without having choices removed because of some outdated assumptions about what each gender should behave like. Society is responsible for those messages, both men and women, and we all have a responsibility to try and change them without making stupid feminazi digs, because that doesn't make you either strong or clever.

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