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Config file wipe blunder caused deadly Airbus A400M crash – claim

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Re: Our IT support does this sort of thing daily.

That really depends on what IT you are supporting and where it was utilized. Failure in my systems, software and hardware, may (likely would in one system) result in millions of dollars of damage, lives lost, and international news coverage (the highest echelons). Certainly spectacular. I always kept that lives mattered as my number one priority. Who/what the help desk supports can be vitally important which was why I kept abreast of their doings even I neck deep in engineering something.

I know I've raised this before, but what id10t thinks a missing configuration file, or any missing values, is acceptable? Sanity checks abound in alll my doings and this should never have allowed proceeding to power-up to take-off unless the battle-short(s) are enabled. And no, using an assert or exception to crash (my) software is not an acceptable method. Crash having two meanings here.

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