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Wearable fitness tech: Exercising your self-motivation skills


Great question. What IS the purpose of wearables? Tracking appears to help some people walk more and that's a good thing. But if we're looking for something to help motivate us to exercise more, maybe we need something that makes exercise more appealing...maybe even fun. Gasp! GojiPlay is a game system designed to be used on cardio equipment and make the time on the elliptical or bike fly by quickly while playing games. Millions of us intend to work out, but most of us can't get inspired enough by cardio machines to do even a few minutes of exercise. We're not bad people, we're just bored with repetitive motion and we prefer to play games.

Yeah, there are those people who love to do cardio, but most of us don't. I like the idea of collecting helpful date, but it seems like it'd be more useful to find ways to motivate people to get and stay fit, rather than just gather data about them not doing that. Full disclosure, I work for Blue Goji. This topic is near and dear to my heart, so I wanted to chime in.

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