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The interview where he attempts to apologise certainly made it sound like a total Ratner moment. He thought it would make the audience laugh, he didn't understand that there would be journalists in the audience who wouldn't see the funny side.

It's been a long time since I worked in a research lab, but while a semi-conductor lab wasn't split evenly 50/50 there were no shortage of women working there, more that 25% I'd say. Most women I knew there were involved with/married to other scientists. I guess that was there social circle. There were office liaisons, just like any other office. I didn't fall in love with any of them, but that's not the only option, I certainly fell in lust with one, so that's near enough to point 1. By the same token point 2 would hold true. I can't say I ever saw any of the female scientists or engineers in the teams cry if you argued against their points/theories and they'd be just as happy to fight their corner. So I'd have to disagree with point 3 until I saw evidence to back up the claim.

In a later job I did fall for a female engineer, 25 years later we're still happily married. But a long time back the women in the group were encouraged to watch a series of videos about women in business, this was written presented by Pat Heim and she commented that in her experience that some women often felt that criticism of an idea of theirs was taken as a criticism of them. The way that this was presented was not as a put down, but trying to tell her audience not to associate the two and not to take things personally. Perhaps this is where Sir Tim got his ideas from.

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