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Au-mazing! Cornwall sold GOLD to Ireland back in the Bronze Age

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Oddly sort of true..

Probably 1850BC to 550BC was Tuath Dé, later renamed Tuatha De Danann by the Monks.

Lugh of the Long Arm was a famous Tuath Dé hero who killed Balor.

He later was regarded as God of Skills, inc shoe making. (Cordwainer)

He's in Welsh Legend too.

Lugh Lamfada (=long arm) is corrupted later to leprechaun, often deplicted as fairy shoe makers.

Sidhe means mound.

Tuatha De Danann where later called the Sidhe (Shee in English), or Fair Folk, or Fairy Folk. In the oldest legends the Tuath Dé are Fair or Red hair, pale skin, tall and from the "North". They also like gold very much.

2000 to 550 saw export of huge amount of Copper to Europe from Cork and Tin from Cornwall to make Bronze. The start of Bronze age is actually the Copper Age. This period also is when most lowland forests in Ireland were cleared for agriculture. Perhaps Cattle was important (The Tain)

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