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Spaniard sues eBay over right to sell the Sun

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That's not how a notary works.

maybe, but if you get a judge that follows the law by the letter, ebay may have to sue the notar to end the stupid joke

That's not how a notary works or what they do.

In fact the wording in the article is slightly misleading. You don't obtain documents from a notary. You make documents themselves, and take them to a notary. The notary is an official who signs and dates the document, like a witness; their stamp indicates only that the document existed in a certain form at a certain time. Getting a document notarised doesn't mean that what it says is true, and is in no way makes its contents binding on the courts or anyone else.

If this woman presents herself to the legal system, it will treat the notarised document as a forged instrument created in pursuit of a fraud, and the fact that it is notarised will not help her in any way.

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