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Agree completely, SVV.

The kind of festivals I used to go to involved heavy/rock music, heavy drinking, and generally behaving differently than normal humans do.

The only gadget I'd take with me would be the oldest still operational mobile phone I can find, charged up, switched off (for emergency only).

As for gear:

- one set of clothes on my body, army boots

- one dry set of backup clothes wrapped into sturdy rubbish bags (waterproof, not attracting anybody's attention, ready to be used after it pissed down whole day), towel in the same bag wrap

- oldest tent that still can be made to stand properly (there's a huge chance that somebody will stumble over it, puke on it, or it gets covered in mud -- you may even find that you are the culprit yourself, according to reports from trusted sources, though you won't remember any of it)

- sleeping bag (that's probably the only item of actual value)

- beer

- more beer

- one big bottle of water

- tooth brush (if festival is more than two days)

- gas cooker and some cans of heat-up-and-dwarf-down food

- roll of toilet paper (if you have to take a dump somewhere in the bushes, do it in style!)

So that's the tent over the shoulder, rucksack on your back, and off you go. Being able to relocate quickly can come in handy if you find yourself surrounded by strange neighbours.

I always felt sorry for those groups of people who had spoilt folks with them, who thought they'd need to bring their whole bathroom, kitchen and bedroom with them.

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