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Spoiling staff with toys could turn against your business


its a two level issues, BYOD is great for users who want to use better kit than assigned and certainly companies see this as a free ride for overheads on the hardware side. This however does take into consideration that business free hardware has a technical support aspect that can be costly.

Of course what then happens when somebody cant do their job because their equipment is shyte, and you are asked nicely to sort it out. I am not a PC world geek corner employee, I'm not here to fix the crap that belongs in the local tip's electrical bins.

That doesn't mean that BYOD doesn't have a place , but in real terms, its been developed into a standard by people wanting to use Facebook on equipment that they control and approved by businesses that want to save heap loads of cash on equipment/licensing.

As for standardization , whats wrong with it ..... really? I bet you most of the " i really need a i7 laptop " is for undisclosed reasons such as watching movies, playing games and other work free activities. I work in a place that has some level of standardization but most of the kit is old and gets replaced as when something dies, I would like to standardize with new equipment and certainly if the likes of chrome book can give you everything for little all cloud based then those higher level munchkins need to raise a business case, " I want......" is not a case, its a want... a desire. Just give everyone Salesforce, Office365/google docs and a netbook.. and they CAN do their job.

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