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Milking cow shot dead by police 'while trying to escape'

Dave 15

Precisely why

This is precisely why we should remove all firearms from the police, they have neither the intelligence nor the ability to ask those who do have the brains what to do in any circumstance. I really give up on the country where we have police of this low a standard able to tot guns and take life because they don't have the brains to find a farmer or vet to cope with a cow who is chewing the cud.

Personally I would actually go further and disband the British police services altogether - probably just lock the lot of them up... what with shooting people on tube trains, kettling pregnant mothers who dare to protest and killing newspaper salesmen I think the country would be safer without them. It would also rid the motorist of one form of parasitic growth and free us of worry about speed cameras and spying all over our road network (except of course the areas around our schools which obviously need no speed control or similar)

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