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"ANPR in the UK only provides information on vehicles that are already flagged as being "of interest" to the Police. "

Not true, and hasn't been true for some years. You can see this in action on those dreary reality traffic cop shows, where the plods with car mounted ANPR are alerted to passing cars being untaxed, un-MOT'd, or uninsured even if they aren't of interest. And if you still doubt it, there's some UK police website FAQ's on ANPR that are quite clear that the technology is used to pick up those "minor" offences. Or you could go back to the 2005 Register article explaining about the plans to roll this all out.

Not all ANPR kit is wired up to all databases, so it doesn't follow that the police will send a snatch squad if a Tesco forecourt image shared via the National ANPR Data Centre shows your untaxed car filling up, but if you think you're clean simply by lack of a VOSI flag, you're wrong.

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