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The 2007 attacks on Estonia were in 2007. That's 8 years ago now, and since then there has been no similar incidents affacting that country. Lessons were learned from those attacks, not just in Estonia but accross NATO. Estonia now hosts the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE). In the last 8 years Estonia's digital society has survived and prospered, it has not resulted in the loss of services or other disruption.

ANPR in the UK only provides information on vehicles that are already flagged as being "of interest" to the Police. If they stop a vehicle that is not already on the system they have to request a specific check be carried out before they can take action. This means multiple calls to DVLA, Insurance Companies and others. The Estonian System is real time, see the number plate, check the records, take action.

Estonia didnt start with a clean slate, they started from the same position as most other European governments, including the UK. What they did was deliver what UK politicians have been promising and failing on for years. To take the disparate government systems and integrate them in such a way that data exchange becomes a practical and realistic proposition. There was no rip and prelace process, they used middleware technology and services to allow them to communicate in a meaningful way as well as delivering brand new services such as the e-ID system. It worked becasue they had clear principles from the outset and they stuck to them.

All of this is possible, what it takes is political vision and the will to follow it through. Having a proper understanding of delivering public IT systems and being able to properly run procurement and contracts would help as well. Sadly successive UK governments seem to be unable to do any of these things.

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