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One of the better articles on BYOD

Good to see an article from IT's point of view. There were (at least) two points it barely touched on:

1. IT policy as part of the employment contract, particularly "Thou shalt not use your company email address for personal use" so they don't demand access after leaving so they can see their Ebay history (yep, happened).

2. And the corollary, "Thou shalt not use your personal mobile number, email address or Skype ID for company business". A client told me for years that they didn't see this as a problem until their sales director left for a rival, and they realised that HR had let him take his mobile number with him and his Skype ID was on his business cards, so prospects would be calling him direct rather than the client.

We've found people using personal email because they couldn't configure the company one on a new phone or wouldn't agree to allow remote wipe. We routinely run a script to find external mail forwards and then search mail logs to see if they've got other staff mailing them at that address - and take it to HR to deal with.

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