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Spoiling staff with toys could turn against your business

Anonymous Coward
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"Define a standard, evolve it as infrequently as you can, and enforce it. At the very most have a basic laptop, a power-user laptop and a standard desktop. There is no conceivable need to let users have the machines of their choice."

All when an good except for the exec team who will always go any buy shiny, it used to be Sony Vaio's now its Apple laptops, they often come back from trips abroad with something they have picked up 'cos the old (6 month old) laptop was broken'

So no UK warranty, probably no chance of nicely upgrading the tiny default SSD without a lot of hasle (Sony I am looking at you). It will have no AV on it yet they will have plugged it into every hotel, airport and company that they have visited

Plus you are never allowed to gainsay the execs, just have to clean up the disasters they cause


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