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brilliant marketing - even if they don't hook the kids on the obvious (internet = google, books = amazon), they'll sell tonnes to all the parents with guilty consciousness who, always short of time, believe in a fixing power of a "buy" button (i.e. kids taking up reading).

I'm not above "those" parents, I just cringe at such underhand tactics, and I'm pretty sure all it does is make parents' wallets lighter. It's just that in general kids don't read for pleasure these days. We have tonnes of paper books in two languages at home, we read avidly ourselves, mostly off e-book readers, and to our children, we do everything we can to attract them to reading without forcing the books down their throats. The school tries very hard to promote reading too. Yeah, they get those book reading records and signatures, and they get those stickers and badges, but it's got nothing to do with reading for one's pleasure, just a chore. And it doesn't work.

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